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At H&G we offer Home Loan Analysis Reports (HLAR). It is one of the most thorough and comprehensive reports you can get. Our reports are valued by Attorneys across the nation and they hold up in court. Call on us to help you get the mortgage research report you need.

Following is a list of the reports we can provide.


Do you need to know if a loan has been securitized? What Trust Fund it ended up in? What the current status of that Trust Fund and Loan is? What the language of the Trust Fund allowed for and did not allow for? Whether or not MERS was involved and if so, in what capacity? Those are just a few of the questions that get answered when you have our researchers, trained and licensed to use the Bloomberg Financial Research Platform conduct a HLAR for you. We will also provide all SEC filings for the Trust since its inception. This Report will also include the most up to date statistics on how the trust has been doing in terms of the number of loans that have been modified and what the language of the Trust provided for loan modification, or other work out options. This information can be critical when working out the best way to help the borrower resolve his conflict with the current servicer.


HLAR & County Records Report:

This Report first includes all the findings of the Bloomberg based HLLAR described above. However, included in the full HLAR and County Records Report is also all relevant information on the county records pulled and reviewed. A detailed analysis for fatal errors, remote signing, robo signing, back dating, future dating, county records filed and recorded long after the closing date of the trust, in essence any type of fraudulent or potentially fraudulent activity on the assignments, substitutions, appointments, notices of default, notices of trustee sale, etc. are reviewed and reported on. This report also includes all the foreclosure laws for that state, and any relevant case law that we can find for that state. Additionally, a complete report on any involvement in the loan from the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) since the loan was originated.



Assignment Analysis Report:

Perhaps you’ve already ascertained the loan is not securitized, but you still need research to see what the county has recorded and if there has been any foul play. Then you’ll want the Assignment Audit Report: it’s just the County Records, the MERS Review (when applicable) and the complete analysis for robo-signing, remote signing, and fatal errors, misrepresentations or potentially fraudulent documents. Of course any foreclosure notices are reviewed as a part of that audits.


Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Analysis & County Records Report:

One of the biggest problems plaguing attorneys and borrowers today is the almost “ghostly” involvement of Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae in the borrower’s loan. Although Fannie and Freddie do not have the same levels of transparencies that publicly traded non-agency trusts have, there is much that can be discovered and our very thorough reports have been useful to numerous attorneys who find themselves with a borrower that has Fannie or Freddie as the “investor”. The audit will also include the involvement of the servicer, any MERS involvement, and a complete analysis of the county records for all the usual: robo signing, remote signing, back dating, future dating, missing assignments and all the rest.



Custom Research Packets:

If you are working on a particular type of case or class action and need research done specific to that case, we can help. Give us the criteria and we’ll complete the research, develop the report, and deliver it in a timely fashion.



Credit Default Swap Report:

Credit Defaults have been the burning question for many borrowers and many attorneys. The area is still relatively new in terms of the roles that the third party beneficiaries may play in the Trust fund and its “supposed collateral”. Many people want to know who were the credit default entities, what is the current status, is there any evidence to show what has been happening with the insurance? The Credit Default Swap Report helps to get the critical information required to be able to pursue this path.


We Proudly Provide The Highest Quality Reports to Attorneys Across the Nation

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